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Hi. I’m Leandra Vane. I’m a sex writer and librarian.

You might know me as The Unlaced Librarian.

You may also know me because I wrote an Old West Polyamorous Romance… with zombies.

If you’re looking for my sexuality book blog, head over to The Unlaced Librarian. Or follow TUL on Instagram.

Here at Needle & Bow I have started to write about my creative process and post book reviews on topics my muse is into or things that make my life better.

Some things lately include art and fantasy, personal growth, death and spirituality, and building a meaningful life through creativity.

I’m working on a lot of new projects , growing as a creator, and loving every moment. Thanks for hanging out with me along the way.

If you’re looking for books I’ve written or contributed to, click here!

You can also follow my Needle & Bow account on Instagram.

Why Needle & Bow?

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I feel very strongly that life is most fulfilling when we sew together fantasy and reality. Using our fantasies, whether in the arts or in our sexuality, can serve to make our life better. In my work I strive to help us all understand the role fantasy plays in our lives and to have a better relationship with our fantasies.

Also… if you were wondering, I have five cats.

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I have monetized this site with affiliate links and any product links used in posts are affiliate links.

Unless otherwise noted, I buy all the books I review on this blog myself. #notsponsored 😛

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