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Hi, I’m Amanda and welcome to Needle & Bow. I’m a writer living in the Midwest. I wrote under various pen names for ten years before retiring those and launching Needle & Bow in 2020. My work now explores the creative side of death, including topics in embodiment and history. I am currently researching Midwest death history and living my best Graveyard Granny life.

I was born with nerve damage and live with chronic conditions, so I write about that sometimes as well.

My current works in progress include a short story collection, non-fiction projects on Midwest death history, and a video series about local cemeteries.

Thanks for joining me.

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Why Needle & Bow?

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The mission of Needle & Bow is to connect my body & my thoughts through writing & art that explores death, embodiment, & history. To create meaning in our lives we must sew together our pasts with our present & our fears with our hopes in ways that are both sharp & delicate. Needle & Bow is where I can explore & create then share it with others. Thanks for stopping by.


I have monetized this site with affiliate links and any product links used in posts are affiliate links.

Unless otherwise noted, I buy all the books I review on this blog myself. #notsponsored 😛

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