Hi. I’m Leandra Vane. I’m a writer, librarian, and wife living in the Midwest. I love cemeteries and books, cute Librarian dresses and tattoos, coffee and difficult conversations.

I started Needle & Bow to have a place to write about things that make my life better. Some such things include:

giving myself a rose garden,

exploring death and spirituality,

creating structure in my life through self-care and daily routine,

building body acceptance through style,

connecting with history,

embracing reveries and fantasy,

polishing my professionalism,

and, of course,

reading lots of books.

I hope a few of these things I’ve untangled in this life might be of help to others reading my words.

I started my writing career as a sexuality writer, so if you look for places I’ve been published you’ll find a lot of writing about sexuality and many erotic romance stories. I do still write about sex and embodiment. If you are looking for an archive of non-fiction sexuality book reviews, you can check out my other blog The Unlaced Librarian.

I feel very connected to my home on the plains of the Midwest. I set high goals for myself in my work and cherish my relationships. I want to learn and grow as much as I can in the time I have.

Also, if you were wondering, I have five cats.


I have monetized this site with affiliate links and product links used in posts are affiliate links.

Unless otherwise noted, I buy all the books and products reviewed/mentioned on this blog myself. #notsponsored 😛

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