Book Review: Mind Your Business, A Workbook to Grow Your Creative Passion Into a Full-Time Gig


I was feeling stuck in a rut around my writing and creativity, so I decided to jumpstart my inspiration by reading some books about making art. In my search for titles I found Ilana Griffo’s “Mind Your Business: A Workbook To Grow Your Creative Passion Into a Full-Time Gig” and I pretty much smashed “buy now.”

I haven’t done a work book in a really long time but I love the format for getting ideas popping and engaging in development of various aspects of my creative projects. And I can definitely say the outstanding element of this work book is: it is epically ADORABLE.

The author has a background in graphic design and this element shines through in the layout. The illustrations are cute but subtle, and integrated very well into the overall layout of the book. This book utilizes a fantastic mix of bright and subtle colors that makes it both fun and elegant.

The second thing that stands out about this book is that it is PACKED with information. I mean, look at this table of contents:

This book is not just a superficial, fun, inspirational guide. The author tackles deep stuff like marketing, distribution channels, taxes, and budgets. There are discussions on scheduling, productivity, and lots of interpersonal relationships. Of course this is an overview and you will likely have to look into entire books for all the topics the author covers in here, but this is an excellent guide to bring up topics that you can then find further resources on. (Bonus: there’s a succinct but FANTASTIC resource section at the end.)

Though I treat my writing as a business, I think this book might better suit an artist or other creator who is selling a good that is not a book or piece of writing. But I know I will be looking through this book again with other projects, honing in on the chapters that are the most helpful for what I will be working on at the time. (Which is why though there is ample room to write in answers and musings within the book, I kept the pages clean.)

Sometimes want to let my mind go and do light, fun activities. Sometimes I want to be challenged and forced to work through tough aspects of my business and creative process. This book offers opportunities for both.

Thus this book has a permanent home on my bookshelf and will be a welcome tool to have as I continue to work on creative projects and mind my business!

Feeling it? Get your copy here!

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