Needle & Bow

Image description: a latch that looks like a heart on a church door of brown wood with scratches and blemishes.

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I don’t post on a regular schedule and most of my projects are currently works in progress. HOWEVER…

Below are some topics that I return to regularly or plan to write more about in the future:


The Art of Death and Love

Book Review: Confessions of a Funeral Director

Book Review: Living When a Loved One Has Died

Book Review: Sex After Grief

Embodiment & Chronic Illness

Be Healing, Not Hateful

Blood and Lipstick: My Body, My Wound Care

Book Review: Moving Beyond Trauma

Chronic Conditions, Creativity, & Accepting Death

Distractions, Placebos, and Chronic Conditions

History & Spirituality

Antique Details: Forgotten Lives in Antique Photographs

Christmas in the Cemetery: A Peak Experience

History, Pain, and the Erotic Imagination

Sacred Surprises


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