Needle & Bow

Image description: a latch that looks like a heart on a church door of brown wood with scratches and blemishes.

I don’t post on a regular schedule, but I try to post at least a few times a month. For the blog, go to the home page and scroll down.

Below are some topics that I return to regularly or plan to write more about in the future:

Personal Growth

I didn’t need assertiveness training or meditation. I needed to heal.

Positive Nostalgia: Recreating the best summer of my life

Book Review: Everything Isn’t Terrible

Book Review: Moving Beyond Trauma

Death, History & Spirituality

Antique Details: Forgotten Lives in Antique Photographs

Sacred Surprises

Book Review: Confessions of a Funeral Director

Book Review: Living When a Loved One Has Died

Book Review: Sex After Grief

Embodiment & Chronic Illness

Blood and Lipstick: My Body, My Wound Care

Imagination & Fantasy

History, Pain, and the Erotic Imagination

Childfree by Choice

Childfree Soul Sisters Interview Part One

Childfree Soul Sisters Interview Part Two

Childfree Soul Sisters Interview Part Three

Photography Posts

Photo Spread: A Heavy Heart in the Right Place

Photo Spread: As Grand As Gold

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