Makeup Review: Haus Laboratories RIP Lip Liner

I haven’t been wearing much makeup lately but 1) I am a fan of Lady Gaga, let’s not lie and 2) I do wear lipstick every day and it’s actually a really big part of my creative and productive spark. Just swiping on a lip color helps me feel put together, in charge, and imaginative. I wasn’t going to pre-order anything from this line, but when I saw the purply-toned “Drag” RIP Liner, it instantly reminded me of a character I’m writing who wears purple lipstick. And I loved the rusty rose shade “Rule” that accompanied the duo, so I pre-ordered the set.

I have the 1920’s on my mind at the moment, but the “Rule” color really reminds me of old school glamour, ala flappers and roadsters. I like have a muted red color in my collection now, for that vibe.

The “Drag” color is a darker plum on me, with some grey tones in certain light, but a solid, foundation shade.

For a skin swatch I colored in parts of my forearm tattoo. The top is Drag and the bottom is Rule. In full sunlight this shows the dynamic between the two really well.

I swiped on “Rule” before I went out today, wearing it alone as a lip color to test wearability. It didn’t dry my lips out and had a pretty good life as far as the tint goes. It survived an iced coffee but I had to reapply after dinner.

I used “Drag” in the evening in the same way to similar results. I will say the color looked better after it had settled on my lips, a little brighter and more solid.

I’m looking forward to wearing these and layering with other lip glosses or colors. Right now it is a toss up between which color I like more. I can see wearing “Rule” as a daily go-to color for the autumn. But I’ll be wearing “Drag” a lot as I write on my current project. I must feed my muse!

The RIP Lip Liners are now available on Amazon in individual colors, but you can find “Rule” here and “Drag” here.

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