New Release: Enduring Reverie

Image description: the cover features a tinted color story of deep blues and reds. A woman with long hair, bold lipstick, and wearing a red turtle neck looks up into bright white string lights. Her dark, round sunglasses reflect the light in a shattered pattern.

I’m delighted to share I have released a book of 75 short poems and epigrams. Enduring Reverie is a poetry collection that explores the ways fantasy helps us survive in an intimate waltz with our imaginary friends. Come in from the storm of reality and find your sanctuary in stories, art, and books. With a touch of history and a dash of magic, our daydreams are not fleeting–they are always a part of who we are.

The book is available in print as well as a kindle ebook and in Kindle Unlimited.

This project was very meaningful for me to write and I’m so happy it is out in the world. I hope it resonates with readers out there.

Below are a few poems included in the collection. Thank you for reading <3


Crackled renaissance paintings

so delicate now and distant

were once someone’s

Marilyn Monroe


Hannibal Lecter




I think of those who

lived and passed through life alone

before we could keep kissing pictures on our phones

or read fan fiction under the covers after a long day

before we could share our stories

I hope at least

if they could not live their stories

they felt safe

imagining them




In the beginning

was the Word

why then

are the books

I read

and write

a sin



They say

if a door closes

it wasn’t your door

but in my dreams

I pick the locks


Turn your secrets into memories

I promise

it is not too late

and oh so worth the effort


I have a song

for every single


I need to be

to survive

Wanna dance?



I want to thank my imaginary friends

for all the pain

and sleepless nights

they helped me survive

for being quiet

in the corner of the hospital room

for being loud

when no one else would speak up for me

and for sharing the view

when I’ve been at the top of the world



I want to go back and ask my past lives

what their favorite books were

and what they died for


Print | Kindle | Available in KU

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