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Hi, I’m Amanda and welcome to Needle & Bow. I’m a writer living in the Midwest. I wrote under various pen names for ten years before retiring those and launching Needle & Bow in 2020. My work now involves exploring the creative side of death, including topics in embodiment, eroticism, and history. I was born with nerve damage and live with chronic conditions, so I write about that sometimes as well.

I welcome ghosts of all sorts.

My current works in progress include fiction, poetry, and a film project about local cemeteries.

Thanks for joining me.

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New Release

Image description: a graphic of the book cover Romancing the Gatekeeper: love poems about death by Amanda VanderBroek. The image features a small angel statue from behind, the statue is holding out a small flower. The image in sepia toned.

In an intimate waltz between love and death, the 46 poems in Romancing the Gatekeeper invite you to imagine who might be waiting for you at the graveyard gate.

Available now in print and ebook. Also in KindleUnlimited!

Why Needle & Bow?

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The mission of Needle & Bow is to connect my body & my thoughts through writing & art that explores death, eroticism, embodiment, & history. To create meaning in our lives we must sew together our fantasies with our reality, in ways that are both sharp & delicate. Needle & Bow is where I can explore & create what works for me and share it with others. Thanks for stopping by.


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Unless otherwise noted, I buy all the books I review on this blog myself. #notsponsored 😛

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