Needle & Bow

Image description: a latch that looks like a heart on a church door of brown wood with scratches and blemishes.

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Recurring blog series & topics:

Romancing Repose

Ongoing blog series highlighting instances in history where romance and death converge.

Beatrice, Valentino, and the Tango

History, Pain, and the Erotic Imagination


The Art of Death and Love

Book Review: Confessions of a Funeral Director

Book Review: Living When a Loved One Has Died

Book Review: Sex After Grief

Embodiment & Chronic Illness

Be Healing, Not Hateful

Blood and Lipstick: My Body, My Wound Care

Book Review: Moving Beyond Trauma

Chronic Conditions, Creativity, & Accepting Death

History & Spirituality

Antique Details: Forgotten Lives in Antique Photographs

Christmas in the Cemetery: A Peak Experience

Sacred Surprises


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